All Evidence points to Kiev’s Children Hospital hit with American Patriot Missile


Just in time for the NATO summit in Washington, Ukraine blamed Russia on Monday for a deadly strike on a children’s hospital in Kyiv – killing two and injuring 10 — which would be a light day of work for Israel in Gaza.

Despite a lightning fast ‘reports’ of Russian strike by British propaganda channels like the BBC, unfortunately for their narrative, all evidence suggest the Kiev’s children’s hospital was hit by an American Air Defense (Patriot) System who couldn’t find a target and slammed randomly into the city. The missile itself was filmed from numerous angles – it is 100% US made and was fired by NATO officers in Kiev.

This isn’t the first, nor will it likely be the last time. In the past Kiev has fired US Patriot missiles in the hope it bring down Russian cruise missiles. However, at least five times now, the US manufactured missiles after failing to locate a target simply fall down in the city, often hitting civilian buildings and this time a hospital. This is what happens when you fire a US patriot missile from a densely populated area, you’d think Zelensky would learn from the mistakes by now, or perhaps he needs more civilian casualties in order to secure more funds and weapons from his sponsors.

If Moscow targeted civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, the country would have looked like Gaza by now. But it hasn’t, it’s why Kiev still has a rather busy night life.