Ambassadors involved in Coup get cozy with Xhaferi


Long gone are the days when Sweden was famous for its neutrality. Due to its loose immigration policies, the country was slowly but surely losing its identity and culture. With the appointment of Soros operative Karl Bildt as the Prime Minister of Sweden, the country took a quick turn for the worse, something that they’ve never recovered from.

The western elite used Sweden for its said neutrality and their minion Karl Bildt to dismantle Yugoslavia. At the time Bildt was EU’s High Representative tasked to introduce the new constitution for Bosnia, per the Dayton peace agreement.

The new “Constitution” included as an Appendix to the Dayton Accords handed the reins of economic policy over to the globalist Bretton Woods institutions and the London based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The IMF was empowered to appoint the first governor of the Bosnian Central Bank, who, like the High Representative, “shall not be a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina or a neighboring State.” Bildt and Sweden were utilized by Washington and Brussels to colonize the former Yugoslavia in their name, but doing it through Sweden was meant to be more acceptable for the Yugoslav citizens, after all Sweden is a neutral country, and you can trust them. But, things went south quickly. The Serbs tried to assassinate Karl Bildt, albeit their attempt was unsuccessful.

Swedish Ambassador Wahlund’s residence after finding out he is leaving Macedonia

Sweden itself, went from a highly respected neutral country, to a nation completely subservient to Washington, while producing politicians who can best be described as unsuccessfully cloned sheep.
Such as the case with Mats Staffanson, the Swedish Ambassador to Macedonia who was celebrating the coup on April 27 at a hotel near Parliament with the French, German, US, Italian and British ambassadors. The usual bandits.

While Staffanson predecessor Wahlund had a nervous breakdown when he found out he will be kicked out of Macedonia (see photo above), Staffanson has outdone Wahlund as he is more of an independent Ambassador – serving the LGBTQZ Republic, NATO, Brussels and Washington. At no point has Mats Staffanson acted or has been seen acting in a capacity as a Swedish ambassador.

Today, out of concern that the Courts can actually nullify Xhaferi’s speakership fiasco, Staffanson rushed to meet with commander Forina and invite him to Sweden as an official guest. But there is a catch. Baily’s busboy Mats Staffanson invited Xhaferi to Sweden not in a month or two, but in November, thus indirectly pressuring the Courts that he should be in his current role in November.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Baily’s waitress, the German Ambassador Althauser invite Xhaferi for a visit to Berlin in June of 2018.

Who is going to win this battle of wits remain to be seen. Macedonian Courts are passive, bought, but most of all, judges appear to have great deal of fear something would happen to them if they follow the law. The same goes for Marko Zvrlevski, the chief prosecutor.