Another heated debate in Parliament over dismissal of public prosecutor


Representatives in the Macedonian Parliament resumed their discussion on the SDSM led Government’s proposal to remove Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski from office on Friday, and briefly called a one hour recess.

The Government insists that Zvrlevski failed to execute his office timely and in a non-partisan manner. It requested the Council of Public Prosecutors to give its recommendation and the Council accepted the Government’s position. According to DPMNE, SDS is trying to stop corruption investigations against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and is in violation of the Electoral Code, which bans removals of public officials after elections have been called. The October 15th municipal elections were called last Sunday and the Electoral Code .

At the beginning of the session, Ilija Dimovski from DPMNE asked that the discussion is postponed because there is only a small number of representatives in the Parliament. Dimovski said that it is likely that for the majority, summer holidays are more important than the work of the Parliament. Speaker Talat Xhaferi refused this request, leading to a tense exchange with Dimovski, who asked him to try to control his temper and warned that it is possible that Xhaferi and the majority intend to spark another incident in the Parliament.

Nada Cipuseva from DPMNE discussed the Government’s proposal, saying that it is not consistent from the Council of Public Prosecutors to give a series of positive reports on Zvrlevski, but then turn around and support the Government’s proposal to remove him. DPMNE representatives used the option they made available by dividing their group in Parliament into 10 separate groups to initiate a debate on Cipuseva’s remarks. According to their speakers, the Government is violating the Electoral Code by pushing a dismissal of Zvrlevski after elections were declared and is also trying to shift focus from more pressing problems and issues in the country.

Pavle Bogoevski, who was elected on the SDS ticket, said that the session, which began on July 10th, has been extended for too long. He threatened the DPMNE members of Parliament that they will be put on trial and will be held responsible for their crimes.

A number of DPMNE representatives responded to Bogoevski, with Zoran Ilioski saying that he condemns his hate speech and calling on Xhaferi to do so. The session was adjourned for later in the day.