Athens not a fan of Ilinden Macedonia, tells desperate Zaev thanks for ‘erga omnes’


Macedonia’s jester proudly announced that the country will change the name to the Republic of Ilindenska Macedonia for overall use, which means that the constitution of the state will be changed. Athens agreed to it, proclaimed the SDS leader.

Despite Zaev’s proud announcement, another cold shower from Greece descended just an hour after a ‘leadership meeting’ between Zaev, the non existent opposition and Ivanov in which Zaev stated the new name will be Ilinden Macedonia.

The Greek government rejected the proposal “Republic of Ilinden Macedonia”. Tsipras’ Cabinet sent a statement saying:
We welcome the fact that the Macedonian side accepted that there can be no solution without “erga omnes”, that is, for all uses. However, we encourage our neighbors to continue working together to find a mutually acceptable name with a geographical or time determination, as suggested by UN special envoy Matthew Nimetz.

This situation caused a series of comments, including those of Macedonian journalists who have been working on this topic for many years.

The editor of Telma TV, Atanas Kirovski, commented Zaev has been hit too many times in the head, and nothing good will come from this man in the current environment.

Thanks to Zaev’s masterful ability to be clueless at all times, we are now in a situation where Athens is saying: “either we’ll take everything or we’ll block you.” As shocking as it is, we now have a Macedonian side who says to Greece, we’d like to change our name to just about anything and Greece is not letting us.

Ванковска со слика објасни што ќе ни се случи ако го следиме Заев (ФОТО)

Professor Vankovska showed a mock illustration of Zaev’s sheer lunacy, where the SDS leader is carried by a helicopter with the insignia of the US Embassy (alluding to the fact Ilinden Macedonia is the work of Jess Baily), and what would happen to the populace if they follow in Zaev’s footsteps.