Athens prefers headless chicken Sekerinska over Dimitrov in ‘negotiations’


SDS VP Radmila Sekerinska has avoided explaining any of the recent diplomatic incidents in Washington, Stockholm, Ankara, through which her disagreements with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov continue to surface. In the debate on MTV, DPNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikolovski, in the context of the case with ambassador Naumovski, accused Sekerinska that in addition to Washington, she refused to meet with the Macedonian ambassadors in Ankara and Stockholm. SDS leader Zoran Zaev himself admitted that there is lack of tolerance between her and Dimitrov.

Instead of providing some sort of explanation for her rift with numerous Macedonian ambassadors, Rada Prada Sekerinska accused the DPNE VP of ordering journalists to ask tough questions!?

Sekerinska also had no comment for the fact the Greek side on Thursday requested Sekerinska to replace Dimitrov in the negotiations, due to her ‘flexibility’ on the name issue.

Athens, well known for buying Macedonian politicians since the Gligorov era, likely believes Sekerinska is more flexible in this area as well.

  • Its Just Me

    If they want her, they can have her.. completely, give her a greek passport, take her there