Auditors find Macedonia’s Census in 2021 was Falsified


Who would have thought?

Macedonia’s State Auditor’s Office finds the 2021 census was fabricated and falsified. According to their report, major problem is the quite small number of census takers, and the fact that people who weren’t home or even living in the country were written down, while over two hundred thousand who were in the country actually boycotted the census.

Another problem, the DZR agency notes is that the software that was installed to allow Macedonian citizens living abroad to “self-count” was flawed and allowed any individual to do so more than once.

DZR also notes that the money spent on the census are under question mark. The funds allocated were 8.5m euros, out of which 49% were spent on laptops (that’s a lot of laptops), 3.1m euros were spent on cash payments to census workers. This was propagated by the Census director Apostol Simovski, however, DZS notes the director never signed the document.

You can read the full report here.

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