Back to 1991. SDSM abolishes History, Serbian language re-introduced


Extended his congratulations on the holiday St. Sava to the members of the Serbian community in Macedonia, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev announced the return of the Serbian language as an optional class in schools in Macedonia.

We go one step further and return the curricula for learning the Serbian language and culture, for which the curricula from third to sixth grade have been approved, and the curricula for seventh, eighth and ninth grade are in the process of approval, unlike the time when in 2007, VMRO-DPMNE abolished the possibility for the Serbian language to be taken as an optional class, chimed Zaev.

Zaev also announced the construction of the Serbian Cultural Center in Skopje and the Macedonian Cultural Center in Belgrade.

And while the Serbian language is returning as a class, history class is being abolished…

It would be more prudent for the SDSM to pay attention to the English language… Here is the office of the mayor of Skopje’s municipality of Aerodrom…

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