Baily’s new orders to Albanian puppets: Congratulate Easter


As if a gun is pointed to the head of DUI officials, one by one, starting with Ahmeti, then the mayor of Kicevo Fatmir Dehari concluding with the snake himself Bujar Osmani congratulated Easter to all Macedonians.

Their forced and weird congratulations did not meet the approval of any Macedonian, certainly anyone we know. There was great deal of ridicule online as well, all noticing that DUI officials appeared forced, as it was a chore.

DUI officials have never congratulated on any Macedonian holiday for the past 17 years, and suddenly, every single DUI official did it in front of camera. The order for this congratulatory fiesta came from DUI’s long time manager and US Ambassador Jess Baily. What made the entire scenario ridiculous is that Bujar Osmani visited Monastery Jovan Bigorski, and filmed his Easter wishes standing in front of the monastery managing in the process not to burst in flames.

Here is Fatmir Dehari, in his golden days as a terrorist, now the mayor of Kicevo.