Borisov refuses to meet with Russian MP over Putin’s statements on Macedonia


Tough few weeks for Bulgarian leadership.
Zaev’s buddy and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov canceled a meeting with chess legend and deputy in the Russian Duma Anatoly Karpov, saying he had no plans to meet with people who say that the Cyrillic alphabet came from Macedonia. Does this mean Borisov won’t meet with any European politician?

Karpov today was supposed to meet with Borisov in the Bulgarian government, but Borisov canceled the meeting after Karpov appeared at a local TV show and answered an obsessive Bulgarian host that in Russia it is generally known that the Cyrillic alphabet comes from Byzantium ergo Macedonian land, echoing a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 24 at a meeting with Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said that the Slavic culture and literacy of all Slavic nations including Russia, comes from Macedonia.

This caused a reaction in Bulgaria which since 1999 seeks to push a falsified history on the Macedonian brothers Cyril and Methodius.

  • Rob

    The lies of the tatars are finally bring exposed…time for bulgarians to visit their motherland in Mongolia.

  • Billy

    The irony is, there is a region in Russia called Tataristan, the city of Kazan is its capital. That’s where the Bulgarians came from. It is no coincidence that today 95% of their tatar citizens speak Russian. Go to Kazan, go to Sofia, the people look the same. Coincidence?

    • LXV

      You can shove your “trusted anglo-zionist sources” upp your mongoloid butt!

      It’s obvious to all Slavic nations that Tatars’ collective brain has rotted due to a 50-year long “vacation” in the dark and moist dumpster of history, all as a result of being fascist servants (1939-1944 – German nazi satellite, 1944-1991 – USSR Bolshevik slave). It obviously hasn’t helped you much, judging by your attitude as servants of the Harlot of Babylon from 1991 to this very day.

  • Rob

    Hahahah your tatar history is as recogniseable as your username john doe…by the way its quite the opposite Macedonians are growing patriotic by the day…out government was infiltrated by the U.S. deep state but resistance is growing around the world so im confident Macedonia wil reclaim its sovereignty. You just worry about your tataric/mongol ancestry🤣

  • LXV