Bulgaria transporting vaccines with Hot-Dog trucks

Scandal in Bulgaria: Covid-19 vaccines transported by hot dog trucks

Just two hours after the arrival of the first shipment of coronavirus vaccines in Bulgaria, they were distributed from Sofia to Plovdiv.

The vaccines were distributed in a transport vehicle transporting deli products, accompanied by four police vehicles. The vaccines were transported to the Regional Health Inspectorate in Plovdiv.

In Plovdiv, the vaccines will not be stored in a separate refrigerator but in an ordinary refrigerator, because they will be used in the next five days.

There was a storm of discontent in Bulgaria over the decision to distribute the vaccines by deli trucks. There is an opinion that this is very unserious by the Bulgarian government.

After the fierce reactions from the Bulgarian public, the company Bela Bulgaria, which distributes the vaccines issued a statement that the company‚Äôs vehicles meet the latest European requirements for this type of vehicles and assures that the high quality of the refrigerated transport services of the company is a guarantee for full compliance with the conditions for fast and quality transport of the vaccine to all points throughout Bulgaria.

A few days ago the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that a portion of those vaccines might be donated to the Macedonian government if Skopje cow-tows to Sofia’s demands.