Bulgarian operative admits organization funded from the same countries behind Coup


There is an ongoing battle going back decades financed and encouraged by the very same countries behind the recent coup to assimilate Macedonians in neighboring countries, and then target Macedonia itself.

Vladimir Perev, the founder of a Bulgarian organization called “Radko” which staged minor incidents 7-8 years ago in the Macedonian capital, openly admitted in an interview that the creation of the organization was essentially “encouraged” by the CIA, in Macedonia known as USAid, with financial assistance from USAid, UK, Holland, Sweden and Germany.
These are the same countries who were behind the coup and whose ambassadors gathered at a famous Skopje hotel to celebrate installing Zaev in Government.

Perev in his interview with Kanal 5 explained that these same western countries were encouraging neighboring Governments not to recognize Macedonians within their countries. It’s how Macedonians went from 200,000 in the Bulgarian census of 1958, to 1,700 in 2011!?

Perev admitted the US, Brits and Germans were offering large grants to open ‘Bulgarian schools’ in Macedonia that would include covering infrastructure costs, teachers salaries, books etc. However, there was no interest for such thing and the project never started.
The new ‘agreement’ between Zaev and Borisov will foresee the creation of “Bulgarian schools” funded by the Macedonian Government.

The goal is to create a fake country out of Macedonia by erasing its biblical identity, a fake country with GMO population along the likes of Greece, Bulgaria and Albania – all three being recent creations of Germany and the UK.