Bus transiting Skopje-Tetovo highway overturns – 14 dead


Rescue teams are feverishly working to save passengers from a bus which overturned on the Skopje – Tetovo highway, near the Karpalak half-way point.

About 50 people were on the bus when it slid off the road and landed upside down in a deep ditch. Some of the passengers are injured but there is still no word on the extent of their injuries.

A total of 11 emergency response teams were dispatched to the site of the crash, and Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce is there to coordinate the rescue efforts. 

MINA finds at the number of casualties has now been reported at 14, may go up as at least several others are in critical condition.

The son of SDS MP Blagojce Trpevski is among those killed.

Tragjedi ne autostraden Shkup Tetove

Posted by Alsat on Wednesday, February 13, 2019