Businessman Kamcev put on US “Black List” For Uncovering Corruption of US Embassy


Jordan Orce Kamcev, one of the leading businessmen in Macedonia, was put on a US Government black list today – the first such case in a matter of weeks, after the Mayor of Struga Ramiz Merko fell afoul of the Biden’s State Department. The US Ambassador to Macedonia Angela Aggeler said that Kamcev is on the list because of alleged “corruption, bribery, money laundering and other criminal offenses”. The sanctions affect Kamcev’s property in the US, but also companies and individuals who do business with him. “Corruption has consequences”, Aggeler tweeted.

But, Aggeler failed to mention the real reason Kamcev was put on this meaningless black list. Kamcev singlehandedly dismantled the pet project of the US Embassy, the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SJO) after managing to video-record SJO agents asking Kamcev for literally bags of money. Kamcev very cleverly put a tracking device inside the LV bags full of cash. Although this was never revealed publicly in the media for obvious reasons, insiders claim the tracking device revealed the bags of cash ended up first at Zaev’s office at Government HQ, and then at the US Embassy. Hence the “black list”.