CIA and MI6 busy today: Terrorist attack unfolding in Russia’s Dagestan region


Unknown assailants have launched a series of attacks on a synagogue and two Orthodox churches, as well as a traffic police station, in the southern Russian region of Dagestan. The incidents are taking place in the regional capital, Makhachkala, and the southern city of Derbent.

At least six police officers have lost their lives in shootouts with the attackers – one in Derbent and one in Makhachkala, the authorities said. At least 12 officers were injured, including six in an attack on the regional capital’s traffic police station.

The assailants also broke into an Orthodox church in Derbent and killed a local priest. The synagogue in the city, which also came under attack, was allegedly set on fire. Photos and videos of the burning building have surfaced on social media.

The suspects behind the attacks in Dagestan had US weapons in their arsenal, TASS has reported, citing security sources and as seen in the video below: