Clown Venko Filipce refuses to answer journalist’s questions on ‘pandemic’


Journalist Meri Jordanovska announced yesterday that Minister Filipce’s office had no time to answer questions related to Covid19 due to a “busy agenda”. As a result, Jordanovska with a good dose of irony published the questions for which Filipce is too bysy to answer.

Ok, while this busy agenda of Filipce is apparently still going on, lets publish our questions here, so whenever he gets a chance to provide a response, we’ll post those responses with magnets to our refrigerators, if not for the sake of the citizens, it’s the right thing to do“, mused Jordanovska.

Question 1:
How am I protected from Covid-19 if I sit in a pub without a mask, eat and drink indoors, but then put on a mask when I leave the pub and walk on the street? The same question applies to the gym, for example.

Question 2:
Do you have any explanation, why is Macedonia 18th place in the world according to the mortality from Covid-19, and in first place in the region?

Question 3:
Very important doctors from the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje have quit their jobs and left… Why is this, what explanations did these doctors who spent decades in the clinic give you?

Question 4:
The feeling that you are convincing people that they are solely responsible for everything that is happening is clear. Do you as a Minister of Health feel any responsibility other than the one you transfer to the citizens?

Question 5:
Where were your party members tested for Covid-19? Did they pay privately or did they go through the queue, considering that they have to wait at least 8 days for testing through the “My appointment” system?

Question 6:
What exactly do you mean when you say that people called their doctor late, and as a result the consequences of Covid-19 are deadly? When should they call and where? What temperature should they have, what symptoms should they have to get to the hospital?

Question 7:
You have purchased quick tests for Covid-19, but the first free test date available is November 10th. The tests may be fast, but the terms obviously are not. Why not involve private laboratories in testing covered by the Fund?

Question 8:
How will wearing masks outdoors prevent the spread of the virus?

Question 9:
We ask for detailed statistics – how many people died in 2020 as a result of heart attack, stroke, all certain types of cancer, ie we ask for statistics on the causes of mortality in 2020, compared to 2019. There is a rumor that all heart attacks are written down as Covid-19.

Question 10:
Why not perform an autopsy on people you claim have died as a result of the coronavirus?

Question 11:
If the people with chronic diseases and the older categories of citizens are the most “hit”, what do you do to protect them?

Question 12:
Why not get free masks for vulnerable categories of citizens?

Question 13:
Why do people who died in traffic accidents, committed suicide, etc., and supposedly tested positive for Covid-19, treat them as dead as a result of the coronavirus?

Question 14:
Why is there no available time to schedule testing covered by the state, yet at the same time slots citizens can be tested at the very same place, at the IJZ, if they pay 1850 denars out of their own pockets?!