Companies ask for tax exemptions, coffee shops close at 6pm over virus


The chambers of business are asking the Government to prepare measures to help the companies hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Goran Georgievski from the Agro-business chamber asked the Government to emulate the measures put in place by other European countries.

Companies in Italy will be exempt from paying taxes and will receive other types of support. Mortgage payments are put off, as are many outstanding loans, Georgievski said.

So far, both private and public companies were asked to release employees who have children under the age of 10, as the schools are also closed.

Tourism and hospitality companies have asked the Government to temporarily exempt hotels and tourism agencies from paying taxes on the salaries of their employees. Some of them already face an 80 percent drop in reservations.

6 pm?

Coffee shops around the country are ordered to close at 6pm. However, this Governmental regulation has backfired tremendously as now all coffee shops are packed until 6pm by as young as 12 year old students who just received two weeks vacation due to the virus. What a country!