Coronavirus transforms routine flight into a Private Jet


A man from Argentina traveling from Tel-Aviv to Barcelona was stunned to find out that he’d hired himself an entire jet for the price of a single ticket. The coronavirus panic saw him ending up the only passenger aboard.

Earlier this week, Ilan, an Orthodox Jew from Argentina, arrived at Ben Gurion Airport with his luggage, only to learn that Israeli El Al Airlines had canceled his flight as part of the country’s harsh Covid-19 travel restrictions.

But the 21-year-old didn’t give up that easily as he went searching for other options at the almost empty airport. His persistence was rewarded as he was able to book a ticket to Catalonia with Norwegian Air International.

Ilan expected to see other passengers during boarding as usual; he was still waiting to see them on the plane before lift-off, but nobody else showed up.

For the four-hour flight between Tel-Aviv and Barcelona by air, the man traveled like a boss. Of course, he didn’t miss a chance to film his solo flight on video – an empty airliner with a single passenger really is a sight you don’t see very often.

There’ve been 677 coronavirus cases registered in Israel so far. As for global numbers, 245,000 people have been infected, with more than 10,000 fatalities worldwide.