Corrupt Court approves of leniency for Zoki Kiceec, one of Zaev’s honchos involved in “Racket” case


The Skopje Appeals Court partially accepted the appeal from Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec – one of the three main defendants in the major Racket scandal. The court approved of the original sentence – three years in prison, but will relent in the verdict which required Kiceec to have a good portion of his property seized and will return the sentence to a re-trial which is likely to lead to freedom for Kiceec.

Kiceec was sentenced for his part in the extortion of 1.5 million EUR from businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev. He worked closely with then Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who was prosecuting Kamcev on made up charges for money laundering, and showman Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13. Kiceec and Boki 13 took the money from Kamcev, while negotiating leniency from Janeva, who initially allowed Kamcev to have his passport back, and was willing to sabotage her entire case against him – for the right price.  Janeva was sentenced to seven years in prison and the scandal collapsed her entire SPO office of “elite” unknown prosecutors, while Boki 13 was sentenced to nine years, making Kiceec’s sentence by far the most lenient.

Early in the case Kiceec concluded a plea deal with the prosecutors and received a relatively light sentence. In apparent exchange, he provided the ruling SDSM party with recorded phone conversations which SDSM used against the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. Despite the fact SDSM’s involvement in the Racket scandal was obvious, Kiceec tried helping the ruling party make it look like the opposition was also involved.

The Government is giving a pardon to Kiceec through the Appeals Court. The criminals and the mafia are in the Government, DPNE said in response to the revised sentencing.

This is the same Kiceec who took 300,000 euros in bribes from businessman Miodrag Daka in order to change the urban plan in Tetovo which will allow him to build massive apartment complexes. The urban plan was changed by Zaev and Co literally last night.