Court releases Chavkov, but keeps leaders of patriotic organizations in prison


The Supreme Court upheld the complaints of the majority of the suspects, whereby the detention was abolished and replaced with house arrest for MPs Krsto Mukovski, Saso Vasilevski and DBK head Chavkov. The detention was abolished and replaced with a home for another six people. The head of DBK Mitkov Chavkov had a constitutional duty to arrest Zaev and Xhaferi during and after the coup, he didn’t, and ironically found himself in prison for not doing his job, which according to Zaev was “to protect Zaev”.

For four people who were previously placed in house arrest, the measure is abolished and are obligated to appear in court once a week as a precautionary measure.

Three people remain in house arrest.

The president of the association “Andon Lazov Janev – Koseto” Goran Angelov and three other people heads of patriotic organizations remain in custody as the SDS junta considers them a ‘threat’ to their rule.

“The Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia made a decision on the case regarding the events in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on 27 April 2017.

Paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 165 of the Code of Criminal Procedure are abolished for all suspects, as a basis for the continuation of the measure of detention and house arrest.

For the suspects K.M., S.V., M.Č., MP, D.L., G.G., O.P. and M.P. the detention measure is replaced by a measure of house arrest.

The rest – ZS, GA, I.S., V.T. and V.M. remain in prison.

The suspects LD, JT, E.D. and I.D. for which a measure of house arrest has been determined, it is abolished and precautionary measures are set to appear once a week in the primary court in whose territory they have a place of residence.

For the suspects SM, MM and SM the measure of house arrest remains, “- stated the Supreme Court in an official statement.