De-Nazification needed in Macedonia after opening of “Vanco Mihailov” club in Bitola


The tension with the Nazi “Vanco Mihajlov” club is heating up in Macedonia. Today, the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev, the Macedonian Stevo Pendarovski, SDS leader Kovacevski and the organization of Macedonians in Bulgaria OMO Ilinden-Pirin spoke on this topic. 

By far, the most scandalous is the statement of Radev who said that in Macedonia there were concentration camps in which Bulgarians were killed!

Radev says that Vanco Mihailov refused Hitler to include Macedonia in a fratricidal war with Bulgaria.

Macedonia’s president who is practically silent on everything issued a statement condemning Bulgaria’s president of spreading lies.

Did Kovacevski announce revision and closure of the “Vanco Mihajlov” club?

The figure of 10,000 Bulgarians allegedly killed is a lie, a sheer construction for political purposes. There is not a single relevant historical source, neither in the Bulgarian, nor in the Macedonian, or world historiography that 10,000 people were killed in concentration camps at that time in our country. Something that could fit into that definition of a concentration camp existed in Croatia on Goli Otok. There were never any concentration camps on the territory of Macedonia. – stated Pendarovski.

Bulgaria, with Macedonia’s quislings opened the Vanco Mihailov club on the busiest Jewish street in Bitola. The name of the club is written in Bulgarian language which is unlawful. And since Macedonia is flourishing with democratic activities, the SDS leadership proclaimed having a club named after Vanco Mihailov, a Nazi collaborator, is freedom of speech and democratic.