Debar under quarantine after multiple cases of coronavirus


The situation in Debar and Centar Zupa is reportedly calm. The city and the surrounding rural areas were placed under a strict quarantine after half a dozen coronavirus cases were diagnosed. Nobody is allowed out, and only local residents are allowed in by police deployed at checkpoints on the main roads.

The Government informs that the area is well supplied with food, medicine and other necessities. Citizens are urged to remain at home and avoid any situations that could lead to spreading the virus.

Some 100 people from outside of the area are stuck in Debar – most of them construction or factory workers. They are staying with friends, relatives and in the few hotels.
Meanwhile one of the patients, a woman from Debar who was in Italy with her husband, was placed on artificial ventilation. Out of the 12 patients who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus so far, she has by far the worst symptoms.