Despite few tests, Macedonia’s coronavirus cases keep climbing – 219


18 new coronavirus cases have been registered in the country over the past 24 hours, Health Minister Venko Filipce informed on Friday.

11 of them are registered in Skopje, 4 in Prilep, 2 in Kumanovo and 1 in Tetovo. Thus, the total number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 until 12 h is 219.

So far COVID-19 cases have been registered in:

– Skopje (134)
– Debar (43)
– Kumanovo (17)
– Stip (8)
– Prilep (6)
– Ohrid (3)
– Veles (3)
– Kavadarci (2)
– Tetovo (2)
– Gostivar (1)

The remarkable fact is that literally not more than 40-50 people get tested daily across the country, and it appears that almost half of the people that get tested are positive? So far, only individuals who are known to have been in contact with someone who tested positive on the virus are being tested.

Others who wish to get tested, do so, but only after 2-3 week wait time. For instance, a returnee from Germany, called in the State Clinic asking for a test, they scheduled him for April 14th, after he told them he feels fine and has no symptoms.

A doctor at the State Clinic for MINA has stated there are at least 1,500 positive coronavirus cases in Macedonis, not 219.