Despite Macedonia’s massive election fraud, SEC rejects 2,000 complaints


The State Election Commission (SEC) has started the session at which it reviews and decides on 2,142 complaints submitted for the voting procedure and for summarizing and determining the voting results in the early parliamentary elections. The members of the Commission rejected 1,478 complaints out of a total of 1,982 submitted by the Left, because they did not have the signature of an authorized person.

A total of 151 complaints were filed by the Alliance for Albanians, which is running in the elections in coalition with Alternative.

Despite the widespread fraud, only two of the complaints are from VMRO-DPMNE, which refer to the summing up of the voting results.

SDSM and DUI as announced, did not file complaints for these elections.

A request has been submitted to the SEC for inspection of invalid ballots.

The submitters of the lists have the right to appeal the decisions of the SEC to the Administrative Court.