DPNE announces list of presidential spotter candidates


Below is the list of presidential candidates the DPNE leadership announced and published earlier today. Judging from the list below, it’ll be a close call between Mickoski’s recently revealed aunt and Soros activist Gordana Siljanovska who called DPNE MP Johan Tarculovski a war criminal for defending Macedonia in 2001, and US State Department employee Vladimir (Vlatko) Gjorcev.

MINA finds the real spotter candidate for the US Embassy is Gordana Siljanovska due to her family ties to the DPNE’s “leader” Hristijan Mickoski and the fact she’s spent two decades in USAid/Soros NGOs.
In fact, here is a summary of who Gordana Siljanovska is:

  • Minister in Crvenkovski’s Government.
  • Mickoski’s Auntie
  • Sekerinska’s best friend
  • Deskoska’s best friend
  • Prominent member in Colored Revolution
  • One of #ProfesorskiPlenum founders
  • Long time board member in Soros Open Society Foundation

The second spotter, the reserve if you will, whose chances have slightly diminished, but is acceptable to the US Embassy as a way to increase voting turnout is Vlatko Gjorcev.

DPNE’s candidates for making North great again:

Vlatko Gjorcev
Filip Petrovski
Gordana Siljanovska
Goran Angelov
Nikola Shekutkovski
Georgi Manaskov
Sasho Kutleshovski
Ilija Dimovski
Vasko Kostov