DPNE MP offered 300,000 euros, jobs for relatives and immunity from prosecution


Zaev has offered a DPNE MP from central Macedonia 300,000 euros cash, complete immunity from all prosecution and jobs for all his relatives if he votes for name change in Parliament – reported Expres.

The MP has agreed to the offer, however became concerned after his voters in central Macedonia told the MP if he votes then he should remain in the Macedonian capital and never set foot back in their city as they didn’t put him in Parliament to change the name of the country.

Numerous people had sent texts to his cell phone telling the MP to stay in Skopje after hearing the MP may be one of the traitors.
The MP is allegedly having a dilemma what to do, commit treason by taking the bribe, jobs and immunity or be a normal human being and do what he was elected to do – not sell his country.

Looking at Macedonia’s map, Veles seems quite central to me – this means the MP Expres reported about is Ilija Dimovski.