DPNE: Racket case reported in May, Janeva given 3 months to erase evidence, arrested in August


DPNE President Hristijan Mickoski, stated for TV Alsat’s “360 Degree” show that he was only interested in the truth, while the Racket investigation had quite symptomatic moments.

He pointed to the symptomatic moment when Aleksandar Kiracovski from SDSM himself admitted that he was not involved in the case and that he does know Bojan Jovanovski, but pictures of Kiracovski being accompanied by the first suspect in “Racket” were released shortly after.

To me, it is also quite symptomatic if the case was reported in May, then how come Katica Janeva was allowed until August to practically use her vacation days to appear on the beaches of our southern neighbor, and manage to format her phones and practically hide evidence?

Mickoski said it was also quite symptomatic why a senior SDSM official who received “Lobutin” shoes as a gift was also not summoned for questioning. He said the prosecutor and the prosecution heard it in the La Verita tapes and saw dinners being organized at the home of the first suspect, which were attended by senior SDSM officials.

  • Legenda Patriot