DPNE removes one of Baily’s agents within their party, 20 to go


Step in the right direction.
At tonight’s meeting of DPNE’s central committee, Petar Bogojevski, the assistant to the general secretary was removed from his role and the party.

Bogojevski, dubbed one of the ‘reformers’ at the DPNE was openly working for SDSM’s agenda including and not limited to openly supporting the “Yes” Referendum movement. The US Embassy dubbed him as “the future” of the DPNE. Once the US Embassy promotes anyone as “the future” of anything, that individual must go into the past as quickly as possible.

Bogojevski was removed after DPNE’s Central Committee decided to put his ‘behavior’ to a vote. The vote ended with him being kicked out of the party.

Certainly a step in the right direction, however, the party has at least a dozen more like Bogojevski. Rangelova? Danev? Jovanovski <— this people voted in the Referendum, lied about it, and got filmed… Lets not forget Aleksandar London Nikolovski who decided to ‘boycott’ the Referendum at 6:00pm on Sunday night. We’re not forgetting, DPNE is filled with easily bribed fake patriots.

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It’s highly likely that Igor Janushev, DPNE’s general secretary was also expelled in the process, however we couldn’t confirm this. One thing we did confirm is that Igor Janushev was not present at the meeting.

The DPNE has not issued any statements regarding this.

  • Wolf

    Let this be the beginning of the Domino effect of the SDS Virus in DPNE!!!

    • Legenda Patriot

      Well said. Exterminate the virus!

  • V.M.

    Next is Janchev, Jovanovski, Danev…. the list is pretty big

  • vistina

    Remove all of the bribed plants one by one fast. Put them to party vote, expel them immediately, then straight away vote for the next one to be expelled.

    Citizens who voted for these unscrupulous members of parliament should all phone and email their office and tell them they will note vote for them again because of their support for Zaevs treasonous “dogovor“