DPNE to unveil names of ‘interim ministers’ in December


The opposition DPNE has not yet decided on their proposals for ministers in the interim government, which should start operating on January 3 if the scheduled early parliamentary elections are held on April 12. Party leader Hristijan Mickoski told Alsat ahead of the 28th UMS Annual Conference that proposals for interim ministers and deputy ministers would be known in the second half of December.

We discussed only the process that follows. We haven’t discussed names yet. The party is currently undergoing a procedure to examine the public opinion on names in individual municipalities for candidates for MPs. We are currently in that phase. In the second half of December will have public information on the names that will be proposed by VMRO-DPMNE for interim ministers, deputy ministers, said Mickoski.

Meanwhile, Mickoski was in Ohrid where he managed to attract no more than 50 people for his rally in support of his ideas for the country.

Mickoski in Ohrid: Time comes for new politicians