DPNE Traitors show Support for Boycott 3 hours before polls close


High ranking DPNE officials Aleksandar (London) Nikolovski, Vlado Misajlovski, party’s general secretary Janushev, even Mickoski the mathematician… all thumped their chest with literally three hours to go until the polls close and announced they are not voting in the Referendum! Are these clowns for real?

They didn’t say anything two months ago (like Antonio Miloshoski did), or one month ago, or even yesterday. In fact, Mickoski’s only statement on the Referendum was that he’d vote against it!

Once these traitors were sure the Referendum will fail, but they really wanted to make sure so couldn’t make the announcement in the morning… one by one announced they support the Boycott movement – at 4:30pm! It would have been better for them to stay silent.

  • Billy

    I too couldn’t believe these sons of bitches made the statements they made half an hour ago…
    couldn’t believe… sooooo angry! No shame, gutless sons of bitches… F-ing Traitors

  • V.M.

    Yep, this pretty much ruined the day for me… but somehow I wasn’t surprised… the people that I thought would do this, did it… Nikolovski that worm Misajlovski and few others…