DPNE’s Micko has the perfect response to the selling of Macedonia – a Power Point presentation


Just when you think the DPNE sellouts would at least go into hiding and hibernation (as they did during the spring protests), the new head of the largest opposition party, professor Mickoski came up with a new slick power point presentation to discuss the latest economic trends in the country.

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Падот на просечната плата е резултат на неспособноста на владата. Ветувањето за просечна плата од 500 евра нема да се оствари.

Posted by Hristijan Mickoski on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mickoski has spent all of his time as the new party leader dedicated exclusively to economic trends, magazine and business rankings and anything and everything that has to do with financial stats, as you can see from his latest power point presentation.

The SDS, who had the backing of roughly 5% of the population were forced to recruit foreign hooligans from (Serbia, the Czech Republic…) to stage protests to unseat the DPNE, but the DPNE has refused to wage any form of protest, to a point where the party goes into hysterics and issues numerous press releases daily that they have nothing to do with several of the protests that took place over the past two months, including the one today in front of Parliament.

It looks more and more the DPNE has signed an NDA with Baily that they will cease to exist for the foreseeable future, with the occasional permission to do power point presentations on Fakebook.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I thought SDS MPs are retarted, but now DPNE gives them some serious competition.