DPNE’s Nikola Todorov – another SDSM implant, urges public to vote in Referendum


Mega scandal erupted today in DPNE’s inner circle.

Senior DPNE official and former Minister of Health, Nikola Todorov outed himself as an SDSM implant, a mole within the highest circles in DPNE, after he publicly urged people to vote “For” in the Referendum earlier today. After thousands of people ‘pelted’ him with insults on his FB profile, Todorov changed his tune to just urging people to vote.

Todorov is a true rarity in the DPNE, there are no litigation processes against him of any kind. The rest of the DPNE officials all have a plethora of made up cases against them by Janeva’s illegitimate SPO team. Few DPNE officials, real patriots, are still in jail. Nothing for Todorov though. And here is the real kicker. It was Todorov who ‘represented’ the DPNE at all important events, he even signed the Przino Agreement which created the unconstitutional parallel institutions in the country who report to the US Ambassador.

Todorov undermined DPNE from within

MINA finds Todorov was one of Baily’s senior moles in the DPNE. Early in 2016, local DPNE officials relayed to the party that someone within the leadership with access to sensitive data has given away information to “opposition”. Todorov and three others were primary suspects internally for betraying the party by giving the names, phones and addresses of nearly half a million people (DPNE members) to US and SDSM operatives before the elections. Thanks to this information, US and SDSM operatives were able to locate, get in touch and bribe thousands of people. The US spared no money, some DPNE (influential) families were given tens of thousands of euros to influence people in their neighborhoods.

We understand the irony in this, the SDSM still lost the elections, despite the massive fraud that came with it, but it was Todorov who played a crucial role in the SDSM “obtaining” more votes.

After Mitko Jancev, Nikola Todorov is the second senior DPNE official to publicly out themselves as SDSM and more importantly Jess Baily’s moles. Nikola Poposki was another such mole and a member of their executive committee, before he was purged from it. Aleksandar Nikolovski, current VP and fake patriot is another such mole.

It appears everyone outside of the DPNE knows who their moles are, except for their leadership. This unfortunately, says a lot about the leadership.

Lastly, this illegal referendum has openly, very openly outed all the Traitors in Macedonia. From garbage politicians, to garbage businessmen, everyone now knows who the traitors are. And, by default, we now know who the real patriots are.

  • V.M.

    It appears Gruevski had surrounded himself with moles… whoever his advisors were….

  • Legenda Patriot

    Now we know who the garbage is, it’s time to bring the rubbish collectors with a huge truck. Preferably with a guillotine as well!