DPNE’s Rangelova is dating Mijalkov’s brother… problems, problems…


How do you go from a nobody, to the leader of the Union of Women, to an MP in roughly a year.

One way to do it is if you’re in a relationship with the brother of Sasho the Snake Mijalkov.

DPNE MP Daniela Rangelova is dating Vlatko Mijalkov. It’s thanks to this relationship that she underwent a spectacular rise in the party. Considering the tremendous influence Mijalkov wielded at the DPNE, Rangelova is the trojan horse in the party.

Rangelova was married with a child when she entered the DPNE. Shortly after entering the party she begins an affair with Vlatko Mijalkov. A divorce follows shortly after.

For a conservative party that supposedly fights for family and family values, the DPNE is packed with divorcees, cheaters and nutcases.

For an MP, despite her meteoric rise, Rangelova has never been seen holding a speech, our sources claim she is not the shiniest coin in the fountain. Where she was indeed seen was meeting with Jess Baily reps on numerous occasions. Now we know why.

Our sources have told us, if Zaev was missing 1 vote, Rangelova would have stepped in and given it to him. She is the trojan horse in the party. Mijalkov’s expulsion from the party may have complicated her own status within the party, in other words she is a huge liability to the party now.

This is what happens when you install cousins, lovers, cheaters as MPs.