Three DUI Ministers in Court, Law prevents them from being in Government


Three of DUI’s ministers nominated in the new Government failed to explain the ongoing litigation process against them – reports Alsat-M.
The trio is:
– Ramiz Merko
– Bujar Osmani
– Sadula Duraku

Former DUI spokesperson and ex Minister of Health Bujar Osmani is charged with illegal procurement of supplies in the Health Ministry. The prosecution has charged Osmani with stealing 400,000 euros from the State Hospital’s fund.
The Court proceedings against Osmani has been opened a year ago, but for now, they appear to be stalled.

Former Lipkovo mayor and Minister of Agriculture Sadula Duraku is in Court proceedings for stealing millions of euros from the Agriculture Fund. He has subsequently erased the data to cover his trail, and earned himself an additional charge for abuse of office.

Ramiz Merko is charged with abuse of office as a mayor of Struga. However, his case has endlessly protracted as well.

For an individual to become a Minister, at least lawfully, they cannot have ongoing litigation against them. At present time, there is ongoing litigation not just against the DUI Ministers, but against Zaev (abuse of office, bribery…), and Spasovski and Shekerinska for the Coup on April 27th.

We can’t speculate what will come of this, but if the past actions are any sort of guide, Macedonian laws will once again be ignored and the new Government will be sworn in tomorrow.

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