DUI-SDSM to jack up electricity prices by 17.3%, cancel cheap tariff


As of January 1, the price of electricity in Macedonia will increase by 9.48%, Energy Regulatory Commission president Marko Bislimovski said on Thursday.

A decision was also made to cancel the daily cheap tariff. But cheap electricity remains in the evenings and on Sundays. According to Bislimsoki, if no decision was made to cancel the cheap tariff during the day, the increase in electricity prices would have been 14.23 percent.

However, the real increase in electricity price is actually 17.3% if you consider the simple fact the cheap tariff during the day is removed and instead of being 3.3 den/kwh, it will be 7.37 den/kwh.

So what does the math look like: If the price of electricity is 1,500 denars, then it will increase by 255 denars.

In the winter time, many households are paying on average 5,000 denars (85 euros), now they’ll be paying 5850 denars (98 euros).