Election Bribery! Schizo Zaev to Pay off utility debts for 50,000 delinquent accounts in exchange for votes


In an effort to counter the extremely popular Boycott movement who have threatened another boycott if Early Parliamentary Elections are not held with the Presidential elections, Zaev’s criminal junta believes it has the right antidote to this – pay off the electric utility debts of roughly 50,000 accounts, a “positive” impact for 200,000 people.

In Macedonia, 99% of these accounts belong to Albanians, as they are notoriously famous for not paying their electricity bills. Thus, Zaev’s move is very much a bribe to the Albanian electorate in the country to vote for the SDS presidential candidate, to be announced likely in the next 1-2 weeks.

This pre-election bribe is estimated to cost Macedonian taxpayers over 110 million euros. As for everyone else who pays their electricity bills, as one FB user eloquently put it “we can all go and screw ourselves, we paid our bills and now we will pay their bills as well.

To surmise: Don’t pay your bills. Zaev will have the rest of us pay them. Have you killed someone? Don’t worry, Zaev will give you an amnesty.

The boycott movement has stated that similarly to the illegal Referendum imposed on the public, there will be another massive boycott this time of the Presidential elections. This is due to the fact Macedonia at this moment in time is a failed state, it doesn’t posses even the basic democratic ability to conduct free and fair elections. In fact there has been continued over the top meddling by Washington and their vassals in Brussels whereby Macedonia’s judiciary has been silenced, directly pressured not to prosecute outrageous ballot stuffing during the failed Referendum. The US Embassy in Macedonia has (in)directly encouraged similar activities for the Presidential Elections.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Why is is the turd still around?

    • Billy

      There is no opposition, at least not political opposition.

  • Wolf

    This happened last time. Elections took place Zaev (sds) won. He never payed the electricity bill.
    And everyone lost power.

    • Legenda Patriot

      It’s time for heads to roll.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Just wipe him off the earth! Fucking turd!

  • neutrinoz

    Proud on only Macedonian political legitimate force #Bojkotiram. Where soveragin mind still exists.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    Macedonians aren’t in charge of Macedonia, satanists are.