Elon Musk sells $3.5m worth of flamethrowers


Elon Musk’s latest circus-like attempt to distract from the negative coverage surrounding Tesla’s production delays and his “The Boring Company’s” stalled LA tunnel project has been surprisingly lucrative.


Musk glibly joked that “the rumor he is secretly creating a zombie apocalypse to generate demand for flamethrowers is completely false.”

Musk’s idea to start selling flamethrowers began as a joke in December, when he said that if his company sold 50,000 hats, it would start selling flamethrowers.

While some might question Musk’s ability to fulfill these orders in a timely fashion – and rightfully so – according to TeslaRati, the flamethrower already exists, and it’s fully functional, evidenced by a short clip posted by writer-musician D.A. Wallach.

Earlier this month, Musk managed another distraction, announcing that he had struck a deal with Tesla’s board to make a few adjustments to his pay package: Musk would receive nothing in compensation unless the company meets certain performance and market cap benchmarks, concluding with Tesla swelling to a $650 billion market capitalization – which would make it one of the largest US companies.

Luckily for him, the man is already a billionaire.