EU asks Northerners for a higher voter turnout on May 5th


The first round of presidential elections took place in a peaceful and transparent manner, however additional ‘reform’ of the electoral law is needed, MIA’s Brussels correspondent reported.

EU Spokesperson Maja Kocijancic told MIA that according to a report by the OSCE/ODIHR observation mission, “the fundamental freedoms of assembly and expression were respected” in the first round of presidential elections yesterday and that the overall assessment was positive.

It is necessary to complete the started reform of the electoral law, Kocijancic noted.

The European Union calls on the citizens to exercise their voting right in the May 5 runoff and to turn out in large numbers and not like the previous round where the census was not met.

We encourage citizens to use their democratic right and to turn out in large numbers in the May 5 runoff in order to have their vote valid, European leaders said.

In addition, Brussels urges all sides “to secure the necessary conditions for a credible and transparent electoral process and general political stability,” reads the EU’s reaction on the first round of the presidential elections.