EU ministers disagree over expansion into Balkans


European Union foreign ministers disagreed on Thursday over a proposal by the bloc’s executive to push for expansion into the western Balkans.

At a meeting in Bulgaria, the EU ministers discussed for the first time the plan by the European Commission that set out 2025 as a goal for Serbia and Montenegro to join the bloc. Macedonia was nowhere mentioned for the 2025 target date, and currently has the same status as Kosovo. Yet, the current Macedonian Government intends to change the name and its constitution just in order to hope that some day it may enter the EU.

Hungary’s Peter Szijjarto was “very much disappointed” by that target. The minister said the first two countries from the Western Balkan six should be admitted already in 2022, Reuters reports.

Germany, the EU’s leading power, is reluctant, pointing to rule-of-law shortcomings in the newer member states – from Romania and Bulgaria, to Poland and Hungary. Poland, Italy and Austria are among other EU countries in favor of stepping up efforts to open the bloc to the region, where the EU sees “growing Russian and Chinese influence.”

  • Its Just Me

    And finally – the truth. Exactly, there is NO DATE set up yet. That is the TRUTH.

    They keep the borders closed.. The name-game is just a lie, to keep up “interested” in EU and get further away from Russia. Now that we are interested, we can wait and wait and wait..
    And they make us think it is our name the only reason why we do not get into EU.
    Or maybe it is our skin colour, our sex, our religion or other disciminatory reason – like our NATIONALITY.
    And sure the less educated people believe this, the smarter know that this is a LIE AND DISCRIMINATION.
    Stop the name negotiation, it DOES NOT LEAD US TO EU.