EU rejects Hungarian town for Culture capital over too many “white happy people”


A Hungarian city’s bid to become the European Union’s next “Capital of Culture” was allegedly rejected by EU officials because its video entry showed too many smiling, dancing, white Christians, the city’s mayor says.

Székesfehérvár, Hungary’s ninth-largest city, submitted a short video as part of its entry for the 2023 European Capitals of Culture contest, a competition designed to “celebrate the cultural features Europeans share.” Featuring folk dancers, young couples, mothers, babies and even two elderly gentlemen playing chess in a park, the video was rejected. The EU panel of “independent experts in the field of culture” felt it had too many happy white people and not enough migrants, the city’s mayor Dr András Cser-Palkovics stated.

Speaking at press conference after the panel’s ruling, Cser-Palkovics said that his city’s entry never received a fair hearing, and that the panel’s decision was purely political.

According to Cser-Palkovics, one member of the jury of “experts,” whom he identified as a Belgian politician, strongly disapproved of the promotional video, calling it a “propaganda film for white Christian Europe” in which “everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

He said that the panel criticized the film for leaving out “the poor and migrants” while having too many “crosses and churches.”

Unapologetic for the video’s content, Cser-Palkovics told Hungarian media that “we love our city with our temples and our crosses. We love being safe, calm, and that people can democratically confess their own values,” adding that he would push for a government inquiry into how the contest is managed.

“I would like to bring the matter before the general assembly and inform all members of the board about the style and content of the hearing as well as about practically denying our own culture.”

  • Legenda Patriot

    Another level of stupidity by the EU. How can these “officials” reject the video because there were too many crosses and churches? This is a city which is obviously part of a Christian based country in Europe with centuries of history. It is not in the Middle East. They need a geography lesson! Stop being ashamed of being Christian and devaluing the history of this country and its dominant religion. Political correctness gone totally off the scale.

  • V.M.

    The EU is filled by goat worshiping psychos who want to destroy the christian identity of the continent, simply because christianity has traditional values for strong families, of marriage between man and a woman among other things. Brussels wants to impose the twisted values of the elite on everyone.

  • Legenda Patriot

    No wonder the world is off the rails. Where have all the decent people gone? Trampled by the psychopaths and weirdos.

  • Občasni Komentator

    The video is nice, and as a EU citizen I don’t see any problems with it. They are nominating for EU capital of culture, so why show migrants in regard to that. I am not oblivious to that issue, but not in this case, where we want to promote European culture. It should be checked what were the other cities and how was their PR organized before we jump into conclusion regarding the reasons the city was rejected.

  • VanillaISIS

    Can the EU just die already?
    Please? I don’t mind getting visas for travelling.

  • Jack Roberts

    Multiculturalism is the anti-thesis of culture. There is no such as a multi-culture.

  • Bob Ibrahim Clarke

    Screw multi-culturism and diversity, it has shown it aint working.