EU’s Samuel Zbogar created fake reports on Macedonia, involved in destabilization


SEC employees with ties to the SDS gave EU’s representative to Macedonia, Slovenia’s Samuel Zbogar, Hahn and Mogherini the names of Macedonians working at the EU Mission in the capital who did not vote in the Referendum. Since then, all have been accosted and verbally abused that they will lose their jobs.

Then the same EU trio (Zbogar, Mogherini and Hahn) forbid Macedonia’s public prosecutor office to conduct an inquiry into the massive Referendum fraud and the stuffing of ballot boxes. The EU needs fraud in the upcoming presidential elections, therefore no inquiry of any kind is allowed.

Among other things, Zbogar falsified numerous reports in the EU in order to conceal Macedonia’s huge government corruption. A report on the bribery of MPs in Parliament was also forged. The EU office were informed back in July that Sasho Mijalkov had begun blackmailing and bribing MPs. Zbogar also failed to disclose the threats against MPs who refused to vote in Parliament.

For the irony to be greater, Zbogar lied in the reports that DPNE MPs were threatened not to vote, when in reality, just the opposite was happening, MPs were threatened and blackmailed to vote.

Essentially, in Macedonia there is an EU criminal junta supporting their local criminal junta.

  • Tony

    And yet there will be no ramifications for this.

    What kind of society do we live in.

  • Golden shekels

    we live in a society of pedophiles and satanist (((Freemasons))) i will say it again general strike disrupt this ungodly corrupt &illegal regime

  • vistina

    all crooked