Ex PM Advisor: 3,700 foreign operatives are roaming through Macedonia


Reacting to a text about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that several hundred foreign intelligence agents were ‘neutralized’ in Russia just last year, analyst and ex-adviser to Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski, Emilija Geleva, cited the number of foreign intelligence agents in Macedonia at 3,700.

“In Macedonia, there are 3,700 foreign operatives who are calmly roaming through the country, unopposed by anyone” stated Geleva on her FB profile.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the work of more than 400 foreign spies on the territory of the Russian Federation has been hindered. He urged the FSB’s internal security forces to continue to prevent foreign forces from obtaining political, economic and military information.

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ribakov said Moscow has evidence that the United States is trying to interfere in Russia’s presidential election but did not say exactly what kind of evidence they have.