Football legend to marry two women, at the same time


Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho will reportedly “marry” two women at the same time during a small wedding ceremony in August.

While polygamy is outlawed in Brazil, O Dia (h/t Dan Gartland of Sports Illustrated) reported civil unions between more than two persons is not uncommon. Ronaldinho, Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza already live together.

Mirror Football shared this image of the three:

Per O Dia (h/t Mirror’s Matt Roper), Ronaldinho asked for their hand in marriage in January of last year. He originally dated Coelho before meeting Souza in 2016.

O Dia’s report added Ronaldinho’s sister will not attend the ceremony, as she does not approve of the union. Coelho’s family also does not approve, with a friend telling Extra (h/t Gartland): “They are upset because they discovered that every present he gives to Priscilla, he also gives to the other girl.”