Frckovski and editor of USAid medium discuss making Albanian official


Here is a leaked phone conversation by influential SDS member Ljubomir Frckovski and the editor of USAid financed mediums PlusInfo & Sloboden Pechat, Branko Geroski.

First a short discussion develops about a 7th payment that Geroski needs to receive, “not to worry, you’ll get it around the 1st, as usual” says Frckovski. Foreigners typically pay on time.

Then, they discuss how to implement the Tirana platform and Frckovski explains how they will make Albanian official across the country. Frckovski is otherwise a personal advisor to Zaev, has been for an extended time.

Frckovski orders PlusInfo’s editor what he needs to write in his portals to mislead the public while explaining to him what’s the best approach to legalize the Albanian language. “Everything that’s not explicitly forbidden with the constitution will be an opening for us” says Frckovski.

Ironically, the Constitution is very strict on anything other than Macedonian language as the official language. However, what Frckovski is essentially discussing and counting on is for the SDS to interpret what the Constitution says as they see fit, and we’ve already seen attempts of this over the last few months.

Considering our prosecutors and judges are completely bought, it will be shocking if the SDS fails to implement the Tirana platform across the board.