Frckovski: Zaev helped Gruevski escape, better if he is outside than a hero in jail


Long time SDS official and supporter, professor Ljubomir Frchkoski commented on Nikola Gruevski’s “escape” during the evening visit of the SDS run 1TV and put the blame at the Ministry of Interior.

– You can not convince anyone in the country that there wasn’t an agreement between Zaev and Gruevski. The problem is when impunity is spread like a stance, this is the third prime minister for whom the punishment can not be implemented. The chief creator of the crime is gone, and the whole procedure becomes ironic. The way they excused themselves for the escape is a second mistake. It is obvious that the MOI is at fault.

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A legal obligation is to not allow a person with a confiscated passport to leave the country. Operatively MOI can cover a person if it estimates that he’s of high risk. They screwed up here. And lastly, and this is the giveaway… look at the language being used by Zaev, Spasovski and their crew that Gruevski was a coward, left his people … This says to me that perhaps it is way better for them if Gruevski is outside the country, devalued, instead of being a hero and in prison. But for us it is a disaster and obviously they do not understand the consequences of this, Frckoski says.