Germany needs 16,000 planes to deport rejected asylum seekers


On Tuesday evening 14 Afghans were deported to their homeland with a chartered plane from Munich Airport.

The rejected asylum seekers were flown back to their homeland with a plane chartered by the Federal Government, Germany’s Ministry of the Interior reported.

But Germany’s return flights are pretty unsuccessful: On this flight around 58 rejected asylum seekers should have been on board.

Only criminals and people who refused to identify themselves were deported this time. Probably because parts of Afghanistan are considered dangerous, the other 44 rejected asylum seekers could stay in Germany.

Looking at Germany’s total number of rejected asylum seekers, the country needs thousands of planes to deport all 226,000 of them.

With only 14 of them per flight, it shows the German government needs to charter more than 16,000 planes to deport them. That sounds like an expensive operation as chartered planes cost around 100,000 euros per flight.