Getting messy in Greece as protesters attempt to storm Parliament


Greek journalist has been arrested in Athens after running a headline depicting PM Tsipras and FM Kotzias with a bullet in their head.

The front page of the newspaper Makeleio caused a stir in the Greek public which resulted in the arrest of the newspaper’s editor.

Meanwhile, several Greek demonstrators wearing helmets stormed Parliament during a closed session of the Greek assembly. Police was able to intervene and prevented the protesters from reaching the assembly hall. Inside the Parliament, a hotly contested debate featured numerous MP parading and giving patriotic speeches. One of the MPs, Yiorgos Ursidis, spoke in Macedonian and then translated the message to Greek.

Golden Dawn member Konstantinos Barbarousis went ballistic and asked for the Army to intervene and arrest Tsipras, Kammenos and Kotzias. Similarly to the Macedonians across the border, he too asked for their heads before they sign the agreement. Golden Dawn later issued a statement that Barbarousis had been kicked out of the party.