Government junta mulling more restrictions over corona virus


Wearing masks even when alone in the open, limiting the number of people that can be accomodated in restaurants and cafes as well as in public transportation and stricter enforcement are some of the measures that the Zaev Government is proposing as it begins to acknowledge the extent of the coronavirus epidemic.’

The crisis was being downplayed for months, to ensure that “corona elections” take place in July. But now with the elections out of the way, and with autumn coming, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce came out announcing that the epidemic is a dire crisis and that new restrictions are necessary.

Our strategy is to put the measures in place now so that we can directly reduce the spread of the virus. We aim to avoid curfew restrictions that would damage the economy and lock people in their homes entirely, but if we have to, we will impose them as well, Filipce said.

The Committee on infectious diseases is preparing new recommendations, Filipce  said, which will them be presented before the Government.

Pendarovski convenes the security council