Govt: Food Reserves are Full. Vucic: Macedonia Has No Food Reserves, we’re sending help


Hairless Zaev and clown Pendarovski are doing what they seem to be doing best. Have zero clues and every single word they utter is a lie.

Macedonia’s opposition warnings about the alarming level of commodity reserves proved to be true.

Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic revealed that Macedonia has no commodity reserves of wheat and that the government is lying, said the opposition party.

In his extraordinary address to the public regarding the political and economic crisis over the military conflict in Ukraine, Serbian President Vucic said that Serbia will deliver 50,000 tons of wheat and 25,000 tons of corn to Macedonia at its request, MIA reports from Belgrade.

Wheat from Serbia, watermelons from Albania, electricity from Zaev’s son. Open Balkan is working.

Whether he likes it or not, Vucic continues to be Macedonia’s acting Prime Minister.