Greek MP: The US and German Ambassadors threatened me to vote for Prespa ‘Agreement’


Vasilis Leventis, leader of the GR party “Enosi Kentroon”:

“The American & the German Ambassador threatened me in order to vote in favor of the Prespa Agreement”


In an already seen scenario implemented by the US Ambassador in Macedonia, the US Ambassador in Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt (involved in the Ukrainian Coup as the Ambassador there) is not just threatening Greek politicians and MPs himself, but is tasking other ambassadors to do the same.

And now, like in Macedonia, we have a Greek Party Leader openly admitting he is being blackmailed by foreign ambassadors.

Anyone surprised?

  • Wolf

    Fake fake fake. Every time the Greeks have to sign a document apparently all Greeks say Na no way. And run a fake News story about protest. Give them 6 days they will all give reach other a kiss and a hug. And sign. they have nothing to loose. Zaev sold his own arse. And screwed all of Macedonia!

    • RedBaron9495

      It’s not fake at all…..that’s how those warmongering Americans behave!

      • Wolf

        That’s right redbaron. It’s all a show. But no news outlet spoke about the poor Macedonian dude that got killed 2 weeks ago. By a Greek. But if it was the other way around. Everyone will know.

  • P. Petro

    Does anyone know what exactly did Zaev agree with BESA in order to convince them to vote in favour, and what exactly will be the phrasing of the corresponding constitutional amendment/s. If so, please give me the link. Thanks.

  • V.M.

    The Deep State is faking the same drama in Athens.
    Everything will pass.