Gruevski and his millions safe and sound in Budapest


T  H  E  A  T  R  E

It is all it was, like we reported yesterday. Gruevski’s trip to Hungary was arranged with assistance from the fascist junta… despite looking for him in people’s trunks (took their drama a bit too far).

Just going for a run, will give you a call from Budapest

Gruevski did very well. While his cousin is selling the party and country, his MPs are assisting Zaev in Parliament, Gruevski transferred millions of euros to Hungary well ahead he made his move there. Now you know why he seemed so relax. It’s actually the perfect scenario. A case was made up over a purchased car, thus making Gruevski a victim, and consequently a hero after it was revealed that he had escaped to Hungary – but it gets better, he did it without a passport (means he got assistance from Vucic in Serbia and his friend Orban in Hungary).

Boban Nonkovic rightly pointed out, Zaev’s junta replaced even the cleaning ladies in the Government, but somehow left untouched the “Anti Discrimination Commission” appointed by DPNE who now provided the key document and case to Gruevski to easily obtain his asylum in Hungary.

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Zaev, Mijalkov, Gruevski and by default Baily worked together. Though we admit, it would have been something if Gruevski escaped with the Mercedes.

But the one piece that no one talks about is: Should Gruevski get his political asylum from Hungary, it means an EU member has verified political witch hunt, illegal judiciary and breaking of laws in the country. Things for Zaevidis get more complicated.